Pricing New

Initial Consultation and Lab Work

Gender Description Price
Male / Female (applied to first month’s balance) $150

Men’s Total Package (Injection Therapy for Low-T)

Gender Description Price
Male (includes office visits, labs, and prescriptions) $299/month

Men’s Low-T Treatment w/ Pallet Injection:

Gender Description Price
Male (includes office visits and labs) $999/2x times per year

Women’s Hormone Replacement w/ Pallet Injection:

Gender Description Price
Female (includes office visits and labs) $499/every 4 months

Male/Female Topical Hormone Replacement:

Gender Price
Male / Female $375/quarter


Awesome and professional practice in Richmond, VA. I’m always impressed with the whole team at this practice. Their well respected in the community and known for exceptional work. Dr. Lynam is a real pro and the whole group is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend this facility to anyone.


hormone optimization clinic

We are the only hormone optimization clinic in Richmond that offers multiple treatment plans for hormone optimization. These include topical creams, oral tablets, injections and pellet therapy. Patients can get labs drawn at their convenience near where they live or work and usually visit us just a few times a year. Most medications are shipped directly to our patient’s or can be picked up from their local pharmacy.

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